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The Sister Study

non-cancer conditions

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Additional diagnostic and treatment information and/or permission to obtain medical records has been sought for selected conditions and may be sought for specific nested studies in the future. For information on the non-cancerous conditions reported to the Sister Study as of the current data release: number and distribution by type of condition, click links below: 

Information on previous data releases can be found in the Archive.

Baseline and Incident Non-Cancer Conditions: Data Release 9.1

Cardio- and Cerebrovascular Conditions

For information on heart attack, heart failure, angina, stroke, and transient ischemic attack diagnoses, please click on the links below. Information includes the number and distribution by timing (baseline or incident) and type (behavior and location); diagnosis confirmation [medical or National Death Index (NDI) Plus/death certificate]; and selected characteristics of diagnosed participants. Heart attack, heart failure, and stroke are part of our cardiovascular disease validation efforts where we systematically collect medical records to validate these conditions. Angina and transient ischemic attack diagnoses are not systematically confirmed by medical records, but have been confirmed where medical records are available.

Heart Attack: Data Release 9.1

Heart Failure: Data Release 9.1

Stroke: Data Release 9.1

Transient Ischemic Attack: Data Release 9.1

Angina: Data Release 9.1








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