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The Sister Study

Your story didn't end when you joined the Sister Study...

Your Story

Each questionnaire --each 'snapshot'-- matters! Your story didn't end when you joined the Sister Study, pieced together, these 'snapshots' will tell the story of your life and help us understand how your experiences influence your helath.

We recognize that as a Sister Study participant, you have made a long-term commitment to this important study and for that we are grateful! Each year of your participation you receive a follow-up questionnaire about changes in your health or environment, or to ask questions related to new theories about breast cancer. The follow-up information you provide each year allows us to fully reap the benefits of the substantial amount of information you provided when you joined the study.

Using information you have provided during your initial and follow-up years, Sister Study investigators continue to work toward understanding the causes of breast cancer and other conditions important to women. Please visit our Articles page scientific research articles about the Sister Study or our Newsletters page to learn more about the work we have already accomplished together!

The information we get from every single participant really makes a difference. We thank each of you for taking the time to complete these questionnaires each year and hope you will continue to be active in the Sister Study.

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