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The Sister Study


Familial Issues Related to Having a Sister with Breast Cancer

In 2011, The Sister Study partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help advance EARLY Act goals. The EARLY Act is legislation passed by Congress in 2010 to advance the awareness and understanding of breast cancer in young women.

As part of this effort, in 2011 a survey was sent to Sister Study participants not diagnosed with breast cancer on the impact of breast cancer in families, with questions on breast cancer screening, family communication about cancer, and how having a sister with breast cancer has affected them and their families. In all, 19,726 participants completed this survey for a response rate of 94%.

Questionnaires can be accessed through the links below.
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Special Survey Questionnaire

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Title Description

Special Survey
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Included questions about participants’ experiences having a sister who had breast cancer and their beliefs about breast cancer; it was sent with the 2011 Annual Update and only to participants who had never been diagnosed with breast cancer


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