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The Sister Study

Mother's validation Study

The goal of the Mother’s Validation study was to determine how well women in the Sister Study are able to answer questions about their birth, infancy and childhood experiences. The Mother’s Validation study, led by Dr. Aimee D’Aloisio in conjunction with Drs. Dale Sandler and Clarice Weinberg, invited a random sample of 3,555 Sister Study women to participate along with their mothers.

The Sister Study participants aged 35-59 whose mother was alive at the time of the participant's enrollment were eligible. Participants' mothers were asked to complete a questionnaire similar to those filled out by their daughters covering topics such as the mother’s pregnancy with the daughter, birthweight, the daughter’s early life exposures and childhood residence, and family history of disease.

After excluding mothers who were deceased or had a cognitive impairment reported by their daughter, nearly 70% of the mothers completed the questionnaires. The Mother’s Validation study will provide a better understanding of how well women report information about their birth and early life experiences, which is important given that in utero and childhood exposures may influence health later in life.  

Questionnaires for this study can be accessed through the links below.
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Daughterís Questionnaire
Motherís Questionnaire

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