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The Sister Study

Data Requests

The Sister Study makes data available to both NIEHS and external investigators following an approval process to ensure scientific merit and integrity, and to protect the confidentiality of its participants. Preference will be given to proposals that address questions the Sister Study is uniquely positioned to address.

Sister Study approval must be obtained before grant applications are submitted to support collaborative studies using Sister Study data. Proposal Application Forms involving biological or environmental samples may require additional scientific peer review or be subject to external review coordinated through the Sister Study. Limited datasets and/or statistical code required to validate published papers are available upon request using the Early Study Concept Form.

Data requests can be initiated through the Sister Study Tracking and Review System (STaRS).exit disclaimer The STaRS portal provides more detailed information about collaboration requirements, data access policies and procedures, and the process for Early Study Concept and Proposal Application Form submissions. After registration on the STaRS website, researchers can access the Sister Study Data Documentation website, which provides instructions on submitting data requests and additional information on study variables.








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