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The Sister Study

Proudly serving women who are helping us find the causes of breast cancer.

The Sister Study team

Every year a dedicated contract staff sends out thousands of annual update requests, questionnaires, newsletters, letters and cards; and responds to phone calls and e-mails. Staying in touch with sisters for the duration of the study, answering questions, and keeping track of updates is no small task.

Project Director

Dr. Sandra Halverson 

Photo of Dr. Sandra Halverson










Study Managers

(From left to right) Irina Khodush, Julia, Ans Bilhorn, Lourdes Suárez, Dr. David Shore, Polly Armsby, Cindy Kleeberger, Dr. Sandra Halverson, Dr. Aimee D'Aloisio, and Debbie Bittner each manage a different segment of the study.

Photo of study managers












(From left to right) Maisha Kudumu, Sha-Mel Riggins, Susie Snipes, and Jamilah Taylor take care of day-to-day operations in the Sister Study, including mailing, tracking, and communicating with study participants.

Photo of operations team












(From left to right) Ataharul Mannan, Alan Guerry, Taylor Abernathy, Ans Bilhorn, (Seated) Jason Langfahl and Teresa Elliott-Glenn create programs to collect data from participants and prepare data for analysis.

Photo of programming team











Data Processing

(From left to right) Maria Esposito, Virpal Bhander, Gareth Mahanke, Nicki Currie, Susan Gates, and Metria Stokes process data collected from participants.

Photo of data processing team











Statistical Programming

(Back row) Cathy Sampson, George Clark, Dan Scharf, Jean Keller, Ethel Sanniez (Front Row) Geannette Green, Yasmeen Haque, Terri Young, and Melissa House (Not Pictured: Dr. Ross Ulmer) develops systems to track data requests, prepares and packages datasets, and assists in the analysis of Sister Study data.

Photo of statistical programmers











Lab and Medical Records

(From left to right) Michelle Inishi, Carol Messler, Kristie Dantzler-Graham, Amanda Medlin, Heather Carroll, Mary Allen and Cindy Kleeberger conduct a range of activities such as medical records abstraction, coding and specimen processing and tracking.

Photo of lab and medical records team












(Top photo, from left to right) Karmen, Yuri, Erica, Storme, Kalimah (bottom photo, from left to right) Pamela, Lakisha, and Catherine are part of the participant advocates team. The advocate team provides additional support to participants in completing study activities.

Photo of Advocates











Photo of Advocates












(From left to right) Naomi, Lourdes Suárez and Suzie Dollar design the website, newsletters and other materials to keep participants informed about the study.

Photo of retention team












(From left to right) Grace Abdelquader, Teresa Zavala, Alicia Patterson, Alana Brooks, Larvenia Brewer, and Rosario Huber handle calls and emails with questions and/or comments about the Sister Study.

Photo of helpdesk team













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