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The Sister Study


Help researchers track COVID-19 symptoms

As many of you know, we are asking our participants to report any symptoms (or lack thereof) through the COVID-19 symptom study and app exit disclaimer. Thank you for continuing to use the symptom tracker and for encouraging others to also use it!

A few things that we really like about the app are:

  • It can help identify emerging outbreaks by capturing data quickly and in real-time. You and millions of others are contributing to this research just by logging in and reporting your symptoms every day.
  • It helped identify anosmia (loss of sense of smell) as a good predictor of having a coronavirus infection.
  • We have already collected a lot of information about your existing health conditions, medication use, and genetics. With the data collected from the app, we will be able to look out how these factors might be related to whether or not you get infected or how serious your symptoms are.
  • We are able to do all of this while still protecting your privacy. The app developers and other scientists involved will have access to the data that you enter into the app, but we will not share any of the data that we collected specifically for the Sister Study.

If you’d like a more scientific look at how this app can contribute to public health, we recommend checking out these recently published articles:

Your friends and family can download the app and participate too, even if they are not involved in the Sister Study.

Please visit exit disclaimer for more information.

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